Virgin voyages uses a wearable band for all charges on the ship. This wearable acts as your bank and must be used for purchasing drinks, merchandise, tournament buy-ins, cash game buy-ins, etc. This way you can lock up your wallet and cash for the duration of the voyage. Your wearable accesses your onboard account, and below are various ways you can deposit funds to this account.

Getting Money on the ship:

Wire (Preferred Option)

• How to Wire funds to your onboard account: Virgin Voyages Wiring Details
PLEASE NOTE: The form is to NOTIFY VIRGIN of the incoming wire.

You must still contact your bank and initiate the wire using the information at the top of the form (Virgin Voyages Bank Information).
If your bank requires a mailing address for Virgin Voyages, it is: 1000 S Pine Island Rd, Ste 600, Plantation, FL 33324
If your bank requires the Ship Name and Sailing it is: Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady – March 31st 2024 Sailing

• Wires must be submitted 3 business days before the WPT Voyage.
• Submit by end of day Tuesday, March 26, 2024.
• Make sure to include your Virgin Voyages Booking number so the wire is correctly attributed to your onboard account.

Credit Card

• During your Virgin Voyages online check-in, you will attach a credit card to your wearable, and this can be used to buy-in to most poker tournaments.
• Credit card is able to be used for tournament buy-ins of $3,200 and below, and the $5,000 Championship event
• Credit card is not able to be used for tournaments above $3,200, including the $10,000 Turbo High Roller and the $25,000 High Roller
• Sailor will need to make sure their credit card daily limits will allow for necessary purchases
• Cash game Buy-ins with credit card

o Each sailor will have a maximum $3000.00 daily limit on Cash Game Buy-ins.
o Virgin Voyages will force an approval on any transaction with the card attached to your cabin
o This is also dependent on your DAILY CHARGE limit of your credit card.

• Charging the card attached to the wearable will act as a preauthorization hold and will not be fully charged until the end of the voyage.

o Example: if you have $10,000 in total buy-ins for the voyage, and have $5,000 leftover balance, your card will only be charged for $5,000.

• No credit card processing fees are assessed by Virgin Voyages


• You can bring as much cash as you want onto the ship, but please be aware it is up to the sailor to declare any cash over $10k to a customs official.
• Once onboard, sailors must deposit the cash into their onboard account at the Sailor Services to be able to buy into tournaments or cash games with your wearable.
• Cash can only be used in the casino for pit games (blackjack, craps, ultimate, 3-card poker, roulette) and Slot Machines


• Leverage LuxonPay to send funds to your onboard account by March 25, but check with LuxonPay on specifics.
• If you have a LuxonPay virtual card connected to your account you can use that as your onboard credit card and follow same rules as a credit card (make sure daily limits are increased)
• FYI – if charges are declined on virtual card, VV will request to see physical card. If none provided, we will request another physical card to activate your onboard account.

WPT Global

• Leverage WPT Global to send funds to your onboard account by March 25.


Getting Money off the ship


• If you have a US bank account with Visa/Mastercard attached – instant wires up to $50k at the end of the voyage once the wire process has been completed and the sailor has accepted the funds.
• For all other wires, will go through standard wiring procedure – 2-4 business days (since we arrive on a Saturday into Miami, wire wouldn’t be received until Tuesday to Thursday) Hopefully earlier (Mon-Tues) but can guarantee the former.

Credit Card

• If a sailor uses their credit card on buy-ins, or anything else on the ship, and there is a negative balance at the end of the Voyage, that amount will be charged to your card
• If there is a positive balance on the account, there will be no charge on the card and the balance will be paid via wire


• However much cash the sailor deposits in their onboard account, sailors can withdraw up to the same amount (if available) before leaving the ship
• Any balance above and beyond the amount deposited will be wired
• It is solely up to the sailor to report any cash more than $10,000 being taken into the country to the custom officials.